Jet Force High Pressure Cleaning Services
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Jetforce offer a premium high pressure cleaning service specialising in :

Rejuvenate your home with high pressure steam cleaning!

Remove dirt, grime, mould, grease & oil from your exterior surfaces, rejuvenating your biggest asset and be the envy of your neighbours with a glorious outdoor area. Jetforce uses state of the art equipment using extremely hot water with temperatures reaching 90 degrees Celsius.

These methods melt away grease & oil from all surfaces, whilst eliminating the use of hazardous cleaning chemicals which risk damaging and discolouring your driveway, pathway or alfresco areas. High pressure steam cleaning also sanitises the surface which vaporises mould & bacteria at a molecular level, breaking it’s bond with the surface, thus providing a longer lasting result for your property.

    Your commercial High pressure cleaning experts in Perth

    Jetforce High Pressure Cleaning Services provide a comprehensive commercial pressure cleaning and exterior maintenance service. Jetforce are comprehensively insured & are capable of undertaking all aspects of commercial pressure cleaning, regularly maintaining schools, shopping centres & government departments including hard surface cleaning, roof cleaning & exterior building washing.

    All of our friendly staff members are police cleared & have the expertise, experience and range of machinery to handle any scale of exterior cleaning job. Our extensive range of commercial pressure cleaning equipment enables our staff members to competently handle a vast array of exterior cleaning & maintenance projects.

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      Why Choose Jetforce

      1. Accountability

      1We pride ourselves on the service we offer our customers and strive for perfection. This goal fills our staff with commitment to perform a quality service.

      2. State of the art equipment

      2Jetforce uses modern state of the art equipment using extremely hot water with temperatures reaching 90 degrees Celsius. These methods will melt away grease and oil from all surfaces, whilst eliminating the use of hazardous cleaning chemicals which risk damaging and discolouring your driveway, pathway or alfresco areas.

      3. Expertise/Knowledge

      3We are consistently striving to be better than we are by communicating with past satisfied clients and other market leaders in the country.

      4. Experience Operators

      4As a family owned and operated business we have spent years protecting our great name and reputation. We go to great lengths to make sure every staff member that goes on site is polite, professional and hard working to ensure the Jetforce experience is a great experience where youll tell your friends and colleagues.

      5. Honesty

      5We make sure every staff member has a Police clearance because we want you to have that added piece of mind whenever a Jetforce employee is on site.

      6. Increase Property Value

      7A clean home/business speaks volumes about you and your business. We understand how important it is to have a clean building because this reflects your stability and success while portraying a solid and professional identity.

      7. Safe Home Environment

      7Jetforce use hot water with temperatures reaching some 90 degrees celsius. Many other operators use cold water to save on cost but we only use hot water because customer satisfaction and hygiene is of the utmost importance. Putting it simply, hot water kills germs and cold water doesn’t, for areas that are extremely stubborn we use an environmentally safe chemical base to ensure your home or business gets the very best results possible.

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      Jetforce High Pressure Cleaning is the premier cleaning company in Perth.  We use their services for all our commercial businesses and couldn’t be happier with the service and result.

      – Steve Anthony
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      Please call us on 0409 447 113
      or email us below

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